My Promise

October 7th, 2014

My Promise

I made a promise to you

I made a promise to stay true to you.

I made a promise to stay in school.

I don’t mean to break your heart.

I don’t mean take away your joy.

I don’t mean to take anything away from you.

I made a promise not to give up on my dreams.

But I’m just trying to be cool.

I trying not to lie to you.

It hurt to see the tries in your eyes.

When I look into these innocent eyes it give me a sharp pain in my chest to see you in pain.

I should keep my promise not to see you cry.

I made a promise to be good to you.

I made a promise to love you.

I made a promise to respect you no matter what the cause.

I do well for my sake.

I made a promise to be faithful to you and honor you.

I made a promise to keep my word to you.

That’s my promise to my family and myself.

By: Martine Duverger

Dentention part 2

October 15th, 2008

Detention part 2


I started a rap while everyone clap

Mrs. Palley got mad

We were glad

Mrs. Palley’s ears sure did ring

We being to sing a song

Then end up in detention oh man how that sting


Limerick Detention

October 15th, 2008



Limerick Detention


I banged on the desk and started to sing.

Mrs. Palley’s ears sure did ring

I started to rap and the whole class being to clap.

Oh, how detention being to sting

Best Friend

September 13th, 2008

Best Friend

A best friend is someone you can trust, someone that can help you through rough times

Someone that can give you there guidance

Some that believed in you

Someone that have faith in you

Someone that is real

Someone that will protect you

Someone that you can always count on

Someone that will give you a hand when you are down

Someone that won’t kick you when you are down

Someone that you can look up to as a role model

Someone that you can share your deepest thought and feeling with

Someone the you can lean on when you need a shoulder to cry on

someone that you can depend on

someone that you can call your best friend

Someone that’s there for you

Some that is kind and have a great heart

Someone that have compassion for others

Someone that is loyal

Someone that can understand what you are going through

Someone that have your best interest in heart

someone that will be your angle, someone that can give you all that you desire in life. someone that have your back till the end someone that have a gentle spirit.

someone that charm you.

 Someone that I can call a friend.


June 4th, 2008


A self-portrait of mine My hair is long and soft like slick, lips that shine like the stars. My eyes  sparkled like a diamond, with a shape like a coke bottle a smile that light up a room. A soft gentle hands with finger that dance like the waves. My heart beat like a drum with rhythms in the night, my feet moves swiftly across the floor. I am gentle and fragile like a rose, and hard as rock

When I hear your cry

February 23rd, 2008

When I hear your cry

I hear you suddenly

I was in my room trying to close my eyes

When the thought of you were in my head

I dream of things that is a reality but when I heard a little whispered to me ears said don’t let me go. I was only a mile away when I rushed by your side

Everything in me seems to go along with that sweet innocent voice.

No one was there to hear your cry, I was fool by your voice and I find you hiding behind the mask when you put your cool naked body around me and your breath against my face. I was weak in the knees then you take my hand back to my room when I heard your cry awaken me from my dream, You put your arms around me and tell me you loved me I can see the sorrow in your beautiful eyes I could even see past your pain that your are gonging through you make me want to reach out to you and so I did give my heart to you, you rest your head on my chest in tell me you’ll be there with me forever

When I heard your cries.

You Are

February 3rd, 2008

You Are

You are the faith of my life

You are my ground I walk.

You are my kingdom.

You are the air I breath.

Your are my shoulder to lean on.

You are my salvation.

You are shelter in the rain.

You are my desire.

You are my soul mate.

You are the song that make me dance.

You are my life.

You are the love of my life.

You are the missing piece of me.

You are my wisdom.

You are my eyes.

You are my voice.

You are my heart that beat.

You are my feet.

You are my hands.

You are my everything.

A Man

November 18th, 2007

A Man

A man that call me a friend

A man that is kind

A man that bless me with his love.

A man that take away my sadness

A man that make my heart sings.

A man that open my brown eyes.

A man that call me a lover

A man that call me  a daughter

A man that will dry away my tries with his robe.

A man that is not a shame of me.

A man that set my soul free

A man that really know me from my flesh through my bones.

A man that respect me

A man that make me fell special

A man that love me beyond my soul.

A man that hold my heart

A man that show me his great love

A man that is grateful

A man that show me grace

A man that have faith

A man that hold me dear.

A man that carries my burden

A man that touch me with passion.

A man that know me.




Introctution of Evelyne Evolution Part 1

November 7th, 2007

Hi, my name is Martine Duverger this my poetry diary that I want to share with everyone. It all started when I came to America just fresh out of Haiti little did I know if this was the being of my life, but did not I know my life would changed by my middle school teacher. My six grade teacher inspired me to write and read. But most of all the things I really miss about her is how she never give up on me. She made me discovered a talent I never known I had. Through the phases of my life I had made a great accomplishment. I had a lot of faults but I don’t let that stop me from reaching the sky. I found people put me me down but I’m still standing strong with my head up high I don’t give up on my dreams, I hold on tight like its my last I never though my life have no purpose but I have a loving family that help me through my crazy dreams. They always been a part of my life so that’s why I believe they are the strength  and big influence to me. I want to give a special thanks for the person that play a big role in this project. His the one that help me create this website. He see the best in me he gave me a vision to expand on the site to have a book and other things relate to my poetry. I’m bless that I found him to give that push I need to work on my talent. Not only these will come to life to make change for you but you will understand and keep moving with life trough these words. It will make you stronger everyday and make you your own person and a role model that is why I like to write these poems on my new journey  through life.

Energy Wheel

November 3rd, 2007

Energy Wheel

Hate is black like a midnight sky
and also like fights between people
It pulses the pain fully in my heart
It reminds me of the time when we had wars and people die.
It makes me feel anger like nothing else matters
It makes me want to hit or throw something.

By: Martine Evelyne Duverger